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You can be a financial markets brokerage company, as well as an Introducing Broker or Agent.


Jivestor Platform

Introducing Broker
or Agent

Revenue SharingFinancial Markets
Brokerage Company

Example of potential income calculation
Primary business model is based on payments received from trading activities of clients (spread/commission sharing). However, there are different business models. You can charge an additional performance fee, a management fee, a platform fee.

Commission per lot, $

Number of live accounts

Average deposit, $

Average monthly income
Value based on our averaged internal data

We offer 3 types of business organization

General White Label (GWL)
Private White Label (PWL)
Hybrid White Label (HWL)

The concept behind the model is that all of the traders using other GWLs are grouped together into a single network and become available for copying to each other. It will allow you to offer our strategy providers to your followers and your strategy providers to our followers.

Case #1

You provide your customers with a platform as a self-service product, which enables them to construct their own investment portfolios and copy trades made by any of our traders into their brokerage accounts.

You will receive a compensation for each lot traded on the accounts of your customers. If you are working as an Introducing Broker the compensation will be paid to you by brokerage company (based on your direct IB contract).

Volume Based Compensation

Your Company

Strategy Provider


Case #2

Performance Based Compensation
You provide your customers with an account management service, where their funds are managed by applying trading strategies placed on our platform. You (or your risk manager) select investment portfolios for them, customize copying settings and monitor results.

In this case you can charge a performance fee for your value added/managed service. A percentage of the profit earned in strategy follower’s account will be paid to you in addition to the basic compensation (commission for each traded lot).

If you choose this model, the product will be provided as an “empty box” without any trading strategies. You may use the platform to launch copying your own trading strategies into brokerage accounts of your customers or start a business engaging traders from other brokerage companies.
Strategies created through your PWL will only be available to those users, which use your PWL.

Case #1
Volume Based Compensation

Platform can be provided to clients without any direct compensation, but you will receive payouts from brokers for trading activity of clients (spread/commission sharing).
You may specify a commission paid to your traders (strategy providers) based on the volume of their trades copied into their followers’ brokerage accounts (compensation for traded lots).

Case #2

The platform will operate like a PAMM/MAM service, but in a decentralized mode. A strategy provider can connect own trading account opened with any broker. A follower’s account should be opened with your brokerage company (if your are working as an IB you need to have an opportunity to deduct fees through Power of Attorney).
You will receive a volume-based compensation as a Broker or Introducing Agent, but your strategy providers can be compensated through a performance fee and/or a management fee deducted from the follower’s accounts.
You can also set a platform fee and get compensated from the profits generated in the strategy follower’s account as a platform provider.

Performance Based Compensation

  • Performance fee
  • Management fee
  • Platform fee
  • Commission per lot or Spread

Your Company

Strategy Provider


We offer you an opportunity of automatic calculation of a performance fee, a management fee, a platform fee, and an agent fee. These calculations are based on high-water-mark. You may decide on who will receive the fee – a strategy provider, an affiliate or your company.

The given model enables you to combine the two previous models (PWL + GWL) if you want to decide on your own what kind of compensation scheme to choose for your strategy providers but at that allow your customers to copy our traders.
The key feature of the given model is that strategy providers logging on through your website will be visible to your customers only.

Your Strategy Providers
You may set your terms for compensation for your strategy providers on your own according to the cases under the PWL model.

Our Strategy Providers
Compensation based on trading volumes copied into the accounts of your followers (commission per lot).