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Supported Markets

Stock Indices

Setup & Integration

  • We have invested 15,000+ hours of experienced team’s work in the product development since 2010
  • Benefit from ready-to-use technology provided under your own logo, on your own domain
  • Start providing copy trading services to your clients within 10-14 days
  • Setup and integration of our product through API with various brokers and trading platforms
  • Complete hosting, maintenance and real-time monitoring of system heartbeat

Interface Languages
We regularly add new interface languages and can add yours. Currently, the following localized versions are available:
Bahasa Indonesia
Tiếng Việt

Interface Themes
We offer two interface themes which you can combine and install as default at your own discretion. Users can also select interface theme in their profile settings according to their personal preferences.



Strategy Followers
We integrate and synchronize our platform with your broker’s trading terminal. User don’t need to keep own PC running to copy trades.
It enables to monitor charts and trades in real-time mode and allows trading in the financial markets directly from website.
Users can add various trading strategies to portfolio and customize flexible copying settings. Newbie users can use “Automatic settings adjustment” option.
System of reports allows your clients to view charts showing return of every strategy provider and look through their history of trades. Reports can be grouped by multiple selected traders.
Portfolio wizard
User is encouraged to automatically build an investment portfolio based on TOP strategies during registration. Our system will customize favorable settings in an automatic mode for you clients.
Demo account
Users can test our service on a demo account during 30 days before trading with real money. They can specify initial amount, currency and leverage of deposit. Demo account may be extended after its expiration.
Strategies rating
We developed a unique algorithm of ranking trading strategies to identify the most perspective strategies so that they rank high in the rating.
Detailed statistics
This module consists of the most important figures. Charts are drawn based on Equity data and reflects real changes in the funds available on a strategy provider’s account when trades are open (floating profits and losses are taken into account).
Virtual tour
To make it easier for users to work with our platform straight after registration, we offer them to watch our virtual tour where basic steps to start copying strategies are shown.
Strategy followers may share their experience of copying trades opened by strategy providers and leave their feedbacks. Besides, we offer an additional rating which is based on the opinions of users.

Strategy Providers
Strategy providers may share their trades by connecting accounts opened with various brokerage companies. That is how decentralization is achieved. They don’t need to change their brokers in order to transmit their trades to Jivestor or white labeled platform.
Strategy hosting
One need to enter account number and investor password to connect to a strategy. Our software will automatically connect to a strategy provider’s account, upload trading history and calculate statistical parameters of trading strategy.
Strategy providers have an opportunity to monitor their followers, see data on their trading volumes and returns.
Funds are credited to account balance of a signal provider on our website once a month and may be then withdrawn via various payment systems (to a trading account, through a bank, Skrill, PayPal, etc.).

Affiliate program allows building your own branch network or driving web traffic via multiple ad networks and websites that operate under the models of CPL, CPA, and RevShare.
The given payment model enables you to pay out the percentage of your company income or the fixed sum of money per lot to your affiliates.
Cost per action
CPA – model allows making payouts for every connected real account. You can specify the list of countries and the sum of payments to your affiliates for every country.
Cost per lead
CPL – model allows you to pay for registration of new users. You can specify the list of countries and the sum of payments to your affiliates for every country.
Affiliates can see all their referrals and track the return yielded by them.
All historical reports provide information on the number of clicks, registrations and return over a certain period of time.
You can add various advertising materials that will be available to your affiliates in their Personal Areas. They can include usual links, banners (sliders, popups), widgets for website and blog.

Mobile App
We offer mobile applications which your customers can install on their phones. Additionally, our website is fully customized for tablets.



Administrator Area
We provide access to the admin panel including all the tools needed for effective platform administration and providing support to your users. You can see all the registered users, review their accounts, extend demo accounts, connect live accounts, manage the list of trading strategies (hide, disqualify or display only certain strategies), live chat and 3rd party scripts placement. You can do all this and much more.