Create a powerful funnel for client
conversion and retention

Retail Traders

Increase deposit volumes and trading turnover. Encourage inactive clients to revive accounts with fresh deposits. Embrace potential client audiences, including those who are not familiar with financial markets. Motivate clients to transfer their trading accounts from competitors to your company.

Introducing Brokers

Increase the number of active IBs and WLs by arming them with working marketing tools. Allow them to introduce clients by using your branded software, or get their white labelled CopyTrader integrated within your company as a predefined execution broker.

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Money Managers

Get an account performance monitoring platform that allows you to create branded websites for your Money Managers in minutes to help them to bring more investors to your company.

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  • GWL
    (General White Label)
  • PWL
    (Private White Label)
  • HWL
    (Hybrid White Label)

A solution with our existing strategy providers

The concept behind the model is that all traders using GWLs are grouped into
a single network and become available to each other for copying.

Your strategy providers
benefit from our
strategy followers
Our strategy providers
benefit from your
Compensation is based
on traded volumes (pay per lot)

A solution with your strategy providers

If you choose this model, the product will be provided as an “empty box” without any trading strategies.

Only your strategy providers
and strategy followers
You can choose how to charge
your followers and compensate
strategy providers:
Volume Based
Compensation Model
or Performance Fee and
Management Fee Model
Additionally, you can charge a platform fee
(the same as a performance fee, but
goes to the account of your company)

Hybrid Business Model

This model enables you to combine the two previous models (PWL + GWL)

Our existing strategy
providers are available
to your followers to
copy on volume-based
The HWL allows you to decide what
kind of compensation scheme
to choose for your strategy
providers (volume-based or
performance fee)
Your strategy providers will be visible only
to your followers